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It Takes a Village

Its been 5 months and 5 days since we broke ground on the green trail - and its finally buttoned up. Somewhere between a mile and a half and two miles of 6 foot wide flow will take riders off the north side of the hub and weave down the front of the mountain. Big berms, optional features and plenty of scenery mark the trail start to finish. What started as an abandoned network of mining roads and mid-south jungle-thick vegetation is now home to a trail that will (hopefully) be the beginning of riders' love for gravity trails for years to come.

Its worth taking a second to say thanks to all the folks that were key to making this part of the project possible.

First, our crew (obviously). A decent amount of mud, sweat, and beers went into this behemoth of a flow trail and we can't wait for people to see the finished product.

Second, our crew from Little Rock! Always stoked to have more hands on deck, it was sweet having our crew effectively double. Between our two crews work went on with the green and started pushing forward on the blue trail.

Next we have our dear friend John. John has been living in the Arcadia Valley for about 5 years now and has been working steady for the city of Ironton. John takes care of the whole city while also being our go-to person for most things related to this project. John has everything from building materials and heavy machinery to contacts you need to know. John's the man.

Its hard to get everyone all at once but for now here's an honest attempt to cover some more of our MVP's

Mayor Bob - always down for dinner with the crew and a huge advocate for the project

Mike and Buddy from the Feed Store - saved both our chainsaw and canny. Top notch small engine guys

Mike & crew at Reeves Hardware - culverts and tools. Always.

Gayle and pump #12 at Casey's - almost always out of receipt paper, but the snacks are always dialed.

Guys and gal at NAPA - always a good day when you get a smile out of this bunch

Denny and Justin from Heavy Duty in Farmington - usually good for most hydraulic hoses and Kubota parts. Bought my first chainsaw from Justin

Tubes and Hoses - small hydraulic hose operation connected to a car shop. So legit, literally every fitting under one roof. Bill at the desk is always on it

I'm sure there are an embarrassing amount of people missing, but we tried :)

The Shepherd Mtn + Little Rock crews on the last day on the Green Trail

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