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Passion Play & Marble Flats

Eureka Springs, AR

These trail systems have over 22 miles of trail combined and include some of the rowdiest lines in Northwest Arkansas. However, don’t be intimidated by the double black runs, because it also has some amazing green and blue trail including a 4-mile NICA certified loop on the Great Passion Play property. This property is also home to “Crown of Thorns,” a 3/4-mile, green, downhill run that allows new riders to build their confidence and skills on optional features and beautiful swooping berms. It is a fan favorite of all skill levels. If gnarly natural downhill is what you are looking for, you can head over to “Gn’Armageddon” or “Deliverance.” The Marble Flats property is home to a uniquely themed “Bob Ross Bike Park,” which includes a start hub with green, blue, and black downhill lines, as well as a skills area and connector trails to downtown Eureka Springs and the Passion Play trails. If you want to connect these two systems, just ride “Happy Little Trail!” No matter your skill level, you will not be disappointed when visiting these adjoining trail systems!

How to access these trails: 


Address: 935 Passion Play Road

Eureka Springs, AR 72632


Once you arrive, head straight through the Passion Play gates and to the welcome booth. If it is being manned, please be polite and stop, this is to protect other visitors as the play can be quite busy on show nights (May-Oct. season). Just let them know you are here to ride the trails and they will direct you to the main parking lot by the trail head. If no one is at the booth, you can drive straight through until you see a large parking lot on your right and a tall trailhead structure on your left. The trail head will have a map (you may want to take a picture of it, as it is an exceptionally large property with lots of trail) and guidelines for the property. Please be respectful of other visitors and staff as the Passion Play is home to several other attractions.


Marble Flats: 

If you want to get to Marble flats, you can take “Happy Little Trail” from the Passion Play gates, or if you are downtown, you can ride up “Oh, What the Heck!”

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