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Glorieta Camps

“Holy Mole” and “Jagged Axe”

Glorieta, NM

Glorieta Camps is home to a slew of great trails with a lot of diversity. Our company has built two of Glorieta’s trails from scratch, “Holy Mole” and our name sake “Jagged Axe,” as well as improved and rerouted several others. Holy Mole is a 2-mile flow trail that drops over 800 ft. in elevation. This trail has lots of fast berms, rock slabs, and smooth jumps. It is sure to have you smiling the whole way down! “Jagged Axe” is the trail that started it all for our company. The trail is almost entirely hand-cut (no machinery) and uses some of the most unique natural features including a rock chute through two large boulders. This trail is not for the faint of heart as it is a very fast-paced, black-diamond, downhill with each feature testing your limits. It is approximately one mile and drops 1000 ft. in elevation. This trail has also been apart of the Santa Fe BME race for several years. 

The property is also an access point for three backcountry downhill trails from the top of Glorieta Baldy. If you can make the trek to the top, you won’t be disappointed. However, if big backcountry riding isn’t your style, they also have several miles of cross-country trail and shorter downhill runs that are great for the whole family to enjoy.

Glorieta Camps is a private Christian camp with public access for the trails. However, the public access is NOT the main gate for the camp, so do not put in the camp address. Instead, use the 35 NM 50 address to take you to the parking lot for public trail access. This trailhead has a map of the trails and guidelines for the property. There is only one trail starting at this trailhead, the “Baptist Bypass,” which will take you into the property and the rest of the trail system. There is opportunity for overnight stay on the property as well as participation in some of the other activities the camp has to offer. For more information, please call (505) 757-6161.

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