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Build It and They Will Come

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

After wrapping up on the Green Trail the crew split up to divide and conquer the remaining hand-cut portions of the first Blue Trail and the last jumps at the end of the Black Trail.

While Kevin and Taylor worked their way downhill on the Blue, Morgan and Teddy recruited John and his city equipment's help. Our U17 and U35-4 mini excavators and John's full sized backhoe and skid steer spent a whole week sourcing, stacking, and shaping dirt to bring the park some proper jumps. With gaps ranging from 20-30-40 feet, there should be plenty of room for session shenanigans. After the shapes were set we spent an equal amount of time trenching and sloping so the piles may hopefully hold their own against these Midwest monsoons.

With the weather being what it has, 28-36 degrees with varying sun, the dreaded freeze-thaw cycle is in full swing meaning our crew has yet to put tires on the jumps. It doesn't happen often that as a builder you aren't allowed to ride something. More often than not, as a builder, you get to ride trails before they're officially open - whether you're the builder of that particular trail or not. The trail building community is pretty niche and inherently tight-knit. You bring your buddies out to ride / flow check what your stash and they do the same. Its one of the more subtle perks of the job. So, a fresh jump line, crisp as it'll ever be, just sitting there 100% unattended is something of an anomaly. It feels wrong but, nature always has its way. And for now, nature wants it to be muddy. So we wait.

But when the time comes, its gonna go off.

The line features 5 hits: a step down, hip (top), gap, sharkfin (bottom) and another, more massive hip

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